The Jury Master David Sloane Book 1

Popular Library - With this remarkable ability, excuse the inexcusable, Sloane gets juries to believe the unbelievable, and return the most astonishing verdicts. New york times bestseller"john grisham, move over. A riveting tale of murder, treachery, and skullduggery at the highest levels. Seattle timesin a courtroom, David Sloane can grab a jury and make it dance.

He can read jurors' expressions, feel their emotions, know their thoughts. The only barrier to sloane's professional success is his conscience -- until he gets a call from a man later found dead, and his life rockets out of control.

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Wrongful Death: A Novel David Sloane Book 2

Gallery Books - Alarmingly, two of the four who returned home alive didn't stay that way for long, and though the mission's wheelchairbound commander now works for a civilian contractor, he refuses to talk. With little hard evidence to go on, sloane calls on his friend, reclusive former CIA agent turned private investigator Charles Jenkins, to track down the other men serving with Ford the night he died.

While a decades-old military doctrine might make Ford's case impossible to win, Sloane, a former soldier himself, is compelled to find justice for the widow and her four children in what is certain to become the biggest challenge of his career. When a widow asks sloane to take her case against the military, Sloane knows it's a lost cause but can't turn her down, even if it puts his own life--and the lives of his family--in dire jeopardy.

Wrongful Death: A Novel David Sloane Book 2 - Just minutes after winning a $1. 6 million wrongful-death verdict, attorney David Sloane confronts the one case that threatens to blemish his unbeaten record in the courtroom. New york times bestselling author Robert Dugoni tackles hot-button issues in this riveting legal thriller featuring attorney David Sloane.

Meanwhile, sloane isn't the only one on a manhunt. Beverly ford wants sloane to sue the United States government and military in the mysterious death of her husband, James, a national guardsman killed in Iraq. The final -- and youngest -- soldier is also the most elusive, but he's their only shot at discovering the truth -- if Sloane and Jenkins can keep him alive long enough to tell it.

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Bodily Harm: A Novel David Sloane Book 3

Gallery Books - Together with his longtime investigative partner Charles Jenkins, Sloane reexamines his clients’ son’s death and digs deeper into Horgan’s claims, forcing him to enter the billion-dollar, cutthroat toy industry. As sloane gets closer to the truth, he trips a wire that leads to a shocking chain of events that nearly destroys him.

When sloane tries to follow up with Horgan, he finds the man’s apartment a shambles— ransacked by unknown perpetrators. Horgan has vanished without a trace. New york times bestselling author robert dugoni returns with his most exhilarating legal thriller to date, a pulse-pounding story of corporate greed, espionage, and the lengths one man is willing to go for justice.

Bodily harm opens with a big win for David Sloane and his new partner, Tom Pendergrass, in a malpractice case centered on the death of a young child. Ordinarily, sloane might have dismissed such a person as a crackpot, but something about this case has always troubled him—something that he couldn’t quite pinpoint.

Bodily Harm: A Novel David Sloane Book 3 - Full of nail-bitingly tense action scenes as well as edge-of-your-seat courtroom drama, Bodily Harm finds Robert Dugoni at the very top of his game. But on the heels of this seeming victory, an unlikely character—toy designer Kyle Horgan— comes forward to tell Sloane that he’s gotten it all wrong: Horgan’s the one who’s truly responsible for the little boy’s death and possibly others—not the pediatrician Sloane has just proven guilty.

To get to the bottom of it all and find justice for the families harmed, Sloane must keep in check his overwhelming desire for revenge.

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Murder One David Sloane Book 4

- At a black-tie benefit he reconnects with Barclay Reid, an attorney he went head-to-head with years earlier in the most important case of his career. He'll keep you guessing right till the end. Elizabeth george, new york times bestselling author of JUST ONE EVIL ACT “Dugoni has done it again! Taut courtroom scenes, stunning twists and deceptively dangerous men.

. And women. Finalist for the 2012 harper lee award for legal fiction*** one of the los angeles times top 5 Thrillers of the Summer Named one of Library Journal’s Best Thrillers of the Year“With MURDER ONE Robert Dugoni creates more twists and turns than a road in the Cascade Mountains. Be prepared for a helluva ride from a master of courtroom suspense!” - lisa gardner, New York Times Bestselling author of FEAR NOTHING Library Journal STARRED review: “John Grisham and Scott Turow fans should add Dugoni to their list of must-reads.

Murder One David Sloane Book 4 - Booklist starred review: “dugoni’s latest legal-thriller firmly establishes him in the top echelon of the genre. ”. When barclay is accused of murdering a Russian drug dealer, Sloane is her only defender. Like sloane, barclay has problems beyond the courtroom, having recently lost her daughter to a drug overdose.

In his first criminal case, sloane must juggle intensifying media attention and mounting danger, all while diving deep into the past of the mysterious and complicated woman he loves. With plot twists galore and non-stop tension, New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni earns his stripes once again as the heir to Grisham’s literary throne.

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The Conviction: A David Sloane Novel

- Finding their legal options limited and their sons in mounting danger, Sloane and Molia will stop at nothing to rescue their boys. The law--and their own safety--be damned. Sloane's legal expertise is rendered useless in overturning the boys' conviction, as he discovers that Judge Boykin's power reaches far beyond the courtroom.

In this exhilarating legal thriller from robert dugoni, the #1 Kindle bestselling author of MY SISTER'S GRAVE, attorney David Sloane must take the law into his own hands to save his son from a corrupt juvenile detention center. Reeling from the loss of his mother, Jake's bad behavior escalates and his relationship with Sloane is pushed to the brink.

Jake soon realizes the facility has little interest in rehabilitating wayward youths, beginning what will prove to be a grueling ordeal. New york times bestselling author Robert Dugoni is in top form in this riveting tale of risk and redemption. Dugoni is a superb storyteller, and his courtroom drama shines.

The Conviction: A David Sloane Novel - The boston globe"dugoni is knocking on the A-list legal-thriller door and can be expected to gain entrance sooner rather than later. Booklist starred review"serves up the perfect mix of action, so much so that THE CONVICTION isn't just the best legal thriller of the year, emotion and courtroom drama, it's one of the best thrillers period.

Author Magazine. When sloane's old friend, detective tom molia, recruits Sloane and Jake to join him and his son on a camping trip, Sloane sees the trip as an opportunity to repair their broken father/son bond.

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Damage Control

Grand Central Publishing - But when she is diagnosed with breast cancer, and her twin brother turns up beaten to death in an apparent robbery-gone-wrong in the same week, the careful balance of Dana's life is sent into flux. But those connected to the murder are beginning to turn up dead, the evidence trail is growing cold and someone is masquerading as a police officer, cleaning up the details as they go along.

Dugoni centers a high-speed murder mystery around infidelity and jealousy. Agreeing with the police that this is more than just a simple botched burglary, she begins to sift through the pieces of her brother's life, a life she thought she knew as well as her own, to find out who would want him dead and why.

Damage Control - But bad things happen in threes, her mother has told her. Delaying cancer treatment, she teams with an intuitive detective to find the link between a one-of-a-kind earring found in her brother's bedroom and a mysterious girlfriend no one seems to be able to identify. When dana discovers her husband cheating, she throws herself headlong into the investigation.

The plot twists keep the pages turning. Kirkus"Fast-moving. Will surprise even seasoned thriller readers.

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A Steep Price Tracy Crosswhite Book 6

Thomas & Mercer - Meanwhile, tracy’s colleague vic fazzio is about to take a fall after his investigation into the murder of a local community activist turns violent and leaves an invaluable witness dead. Two careers are on the line. But someone cut her dreams short. Solving the mystery behind the murder isn’t Tracy’s only challenge.

When the body turns up in an abandoned well, Tracy’s suspicions are confirmed. And now her biggest fear seems to be coming true when a new detective arrives to replace her. New york times bestselling author robert dugoni’s thrilling series continues as Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite is plunged into a case of family secrets and murder…“Another outstanding novel from one of the best crime writers in the business.

A Steep Price Tracy Crosswhite Book 6 - Associated presscalled in to consult after a young woman disappears, Tracy Crosswhite has the uneasy feeling that this is no ordinary missing-persons case. The detective is keeping a secret of her own: she’s pregnant. And when more deadly secrets emerge, jobs might not be the only things at risk. Estranged from her family, the victim had balked at an arranged marriage and had planned to attend graduate school.

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The 7th Canon

Thomas & Mercer - Just as donley is poised to move on to a lucrative dream job, the shocking case lands in his lap, and he must put his future on hold while putting his courtroom skills to the test. But a ruthless da seeking headlines and a brutal homicide cop bent on vengeance have their own agendas. And attorney Peter Donley stands with him.

For three years donley has cut his legal teeth in his uncle’s tiny, no-frills firm, where people come before profits. Now, as he unearths the dirty secrets surrounding the case, Donley must risk his neck to save his client’s life…and expose the face of true evil. But despite damning evidence that he’s a killer—and worse—Father Thomas Martin stands by his innocence.

The 7th Canon - A riveting legal thriller from Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of My Sister’s Grave. In san francisco’s seamy Tenderloin district, a teenage street hustler has been murdered in a shelter for boys. And the dedicated priest who runs the struggling home stands accused.

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Close to Home Tracy Crosswhite Book 5

Thomas & Mercer - It runs much deeper than that, and the accused wasn’t acting alone. And the only people she can rely on to make it out alive might be those she can no longer trust. But tracy knows she can’t turn her back on this kind of injustice. When she uncovers the driver’s ties to a rash of recent heroin overdoses in the city, she realizes that this isn’t just a case of the military protecting its own.

New york times bestselling author Robert Dugoni’s acclaimed series continues as Tracy Crosswhite is thrown headlong into the path of a killer conspiracy. While investigating the hit-and-run death of a young boy, Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite makes a startling discovery: the suspect is an active-duty serviceman at a local naval base.

Close to Home Tracy Crosswhite Book 5 - . After a key piece of case evidence goes missing, he is cleared of charges in a military court. For tracy, it’s all hitting very close to home. As tracy moves closer to uncovering the truth behind this insidious conspiracy, she’s putting herself in harm’s way.

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The Trapped Girl Tracy Crosswhite Book 4

Thomas & Mercer - Her autopsy, however, reveals she may have gone to great lengths to conceal her identity. Before they can identify the killer, Tracy and her colleagues on the Seattle PD’s Violent Crimes Section must figure out who the victim is. Dredging up details from the woman’s past leads to conflicting clues that only seem to muddy the investigation.

So who was she running from?after evidence surfaces that their Jane Doe may be a woman who suspiciously disappeared months earlier, Tracy is once again haunted by the memory of her sister’s unsolved murder. As tracy begins to uncover a twisted tale of brutal betrayal and desperate greed, she’ll find herself risking everything to confront a killer who won’t go down without a deadly fight.

The Trapped Girl Tracy Crosswhite Book 4 - In this #1 wall street journal bestseller, Tracy Crosswhite must first identify the victim to catch the killer. When a woman’s body is discovered submerged in a crab pot in the chilly waters of Puget Sound, Detective Tracy Crosswhite finds herself with a tough case to untangle. Once again, new york times bestselling author Robert Dugoni delivers a taut, riveting thriller in the fourth installment of his acclaimed Tracy Crosswhite series.

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A Cold Trail Tracy Crosswhite Book 7

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